GK Pantry Kauaʻi Vanilla Bean Syrup


Kauai vanilla bean syrup 8 fl.oz

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This amaz­ing syrup is pro­duced by our friends and island neigh­bors at GK Pantry. They uti­lize our Kaua’i whole beans in mak­ing this syrup and so its unique fla­vor shines in your cock­tails, whipped cream, break­fast treats or as it sweet­ens your cof­fee or lemon­ade.

I love it in my iced cof­fee, an essen­tial treat on a hot Kaua’i sum­mer after­noon!

GK Pantry syrups are sweet­ened only with organ­ic cane sug­ar, and fla­vored only with our own vanil­la beans.

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