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The Vanillery is Temporarily Closed for Renovations

We’re doing some major upgrades here and dur­ing con­struc­tion, we won’t be open for tours. We’re sor­ry if this means you have to skip vis­it­ing, we love it when peo­ple come by to see what we’re doing, and we’ll miss shar­ing that.

We expect to be open and ready for farm tours by May…things got off to a late start.

4 thoughts on “The Vanillery is Temporarily Closed for Renovations

  1. Will you be open by April 14 th? Thank you

    1. It looks like we won’t be open by then, we got a late start.

  2. Are you open now? We will be in Kauai next week.

    1. I have tours avail­able on June 14. Please email me to make the arrange­ments [email protected]

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