Hand-Cured Vanilla Beans and Extract from Kauaʻi

Today we’re rolling out our first products for sale! Over the years, we’ve sold these beans through friends, at local farmer’s markets and to local culinary professionals, and though we always intended to make our beans widely available, we always seemed to be too busy to make that happen. Well, now it’s time to offer our unique product to everyone on the internet.

Our first offerings will be very simple: Grade A and Grade B whole vanilla beans and 2-ounce bottles of our homemade Kauaʻi rum vanilla extract.

Vanilla Flavor and Edible Geography

Anyone interested in cuisine who has poked around the Internet has learned that there is a staggeringly huge number of food blogs out there! I’m certainly in favor of it in general, it’s made information about foods and their preparation accessible. You can type in the name of an ingredient or preparation and get an encyclopedia of information and opinions…not to mention photography ranging from too-beautiful to “what were they thinking?” but you can learn a lot. I certainly do.

dried-pod-loose-bundlePart of my reason for posting is to present an interesting food blog I came across in my research, Edible Geography, which is blowing me away in it’s thoroughness and energy in exploring a wide range of food-related topics. Looking for anything about vanilla on the site, I was brought to an article on vanilla flavoring that was a fascinating look at the kinds of vanilla flavoring available. Read More

Vanillery Construction

The Vanillery has been Built!

_IGP2642On APRIL 23, 2014 our vanillery was completed. The 20′ x 50′ shadehouse was constructed with the help of jonathan jay, Roland Barker, Lisa Parker and Dave Kasimoff. In the cool, moist mulch of the trellis rows, the vanilla cuttings are slowly sprouting root-like filaments that will anchor the vines and draw in moisture and nutrients. For now, they are protected from the sun and kept moist while they grow in to their new home, the vanillery.